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Jon Wool of Finesse Cuisine in Chicago has built his catering business around service - which has landed him a number of high-profile catering jobs with both politicians and celebrities.

In this Business of Foodservice feature, Jon share his secrets on recruiting, interviewing and retaining exceptional employees.

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Food costs are one of the biggest variables in food service and can mean the difference between success and failure.  In this Foodservice Radio interview with Richard Marken of Rocket Science Hospitality, we take a look at tips that will help you reduce your food cost.

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Dans Le Noir recently opened in New York with a very unique concept - dining in complete darkness. In this interview with restaurant general manager Marco Valente, we learn about the culinary, social, and educational aspects of dining in the dark.

Marco gives us insight into how this concept works, the guest reactions, and how successful patrons are in identifying their meals.

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In this Foodservice Radio podcast, we look at guests with special nutritional needs.  Are they a liability or an opporunity?  Well, they can be both; an opportunity if you are prepared and a liability if you aren't.  Listen now as host Tom Andrews talks with Tracy Stuckrath of Thrive Meetings and Events and learn what you need to know about this increasingly important aspect of our business.

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Successful operators are looking at more than just food costs when it comes to pricing the menu.  In this episode, we talk with Leslie Kerr, president and founder of Intellaprice about the additional factors you need to consider to "right price" your menu and why price increases are not always a bad thing.

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What does it mean to be a restaurant brand, why is it critical to success, and how can you create a brand around your restaurant, regardless of the size of your operation?  In this Foodservice Radio podcast, host Tom Andrews talks with Warren Ellish, Senior Lecturer at Cornell University and CEO of Ellish Marketing Group about how you can turn your restaurant into a world class brand. 

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A number of restaurants have successfully worked with their landlords to lower their rent in these difficult economic times. In this Foodservice Radio, we talk with Lou Boemia, Vice President of Lease Resolutions about why a landlord might reduce your rent and how to best approach them.

Learn what research to do in advance, why it is important to understand the business needs of the landlord, and how to create a win-win situation.  

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In this episode, we go inside the mind of a foodie.  Sharon Olson, Executive Director of the Culinary Visions Panle shares results of a recent study on foodies with Foodservice Radio host Tom Andrews.  Learn what defines someone as a foodie, how they differ from mainstream consumers and what you need to do to get them to visit your operation.

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