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In today’s Foodservice Radio podcast, we talk with Nicholas Lander, restaurant critic of the Financial Times and author of the new book, “The Art of the Restaurateur.”  In his book, Mr. Lander profiles 20 of the most successful restaurateurs in the world to provide us a glimpse into the people shaping the restaurant world today.   Listen now as he shares stories and insights from the book.

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In today’s foodservice radio podcast, we recap a story from Independent Restaurateur Magazine about two restaurants that are currently thriving in difficult economic and competitive environments.  A look into these two operations helps us understand why some restaurants succeed while those around them fail.

Dans Le Noir recently opened in New York with a very unique concept - dining in complete darkness. In this interview with restaurant general manager Marco Valente, we learn about the culinary, social, and educational aspects of dining in the dark.

Marco gives us insight into how this concept works, the guest reactions, and how successful patrons are in identifying their meals.

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