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In this Foodservice Radio Podcast, we pick up a recent story from Independent Restaurateur Magazine.  "Making The Grade - Health Inspections are a Quiz You Cannot Afford to Bomb," covers the four key areas around pest control and health department inspections; deliveries, dry goods storage, the kitchen and documentation.  We also include two recent culinary feature from Foodservice Radio contributor and Chef Next Door, Brian Averna.

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September is National Food Safety Month and the theme this year is "Be Safe, Don't Cross-Contaminate." Listen now as host Tom Andrews talks with Willaim Weichelt, Director of ServSafe at the National Restaurant Association about National Food Safety Month and the materials available from the NRA.

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A Health Department inspection can strike fear in even the most buttoned up operators. In this Business of Foodservice interview, we talk with Bruce Kress, a 30 year veteran health inspector with the City of Milwaukee, WI. Bruce is also a partner in Dining Grades, a program that allows restaurants to review what patrons are saying about the cleanliness and conditions in their restaurant.

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