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In this Foodservice Radio Podcast, we pick up a recent story from Independent Restaurateur Magazine.  "Making The Grade - Health Inspections are a Quiz You Cannot Afford to Bomb," covers the four key areas around pest control and health department inspections; deliveries, dry goods storage, the kitchen and documentation.  We also include two recent culinary feature from Foodservice Radio contributor and Chef Next Door, Brian Averna.

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Many restaurants claim to be green in one way or another.  But what really defines a green restaurant?  In this Foodservice Radio podcast, we talk with Michael Oshman, CEO and Founder of the Green Restaurant Association about how food service operations can be “certified green.”

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In today’s Foodservice Radio podcast, we talk with Nicholas Lander, restaurant critic of the Financial Times and author of the new book, “The Art of the Restaurateur.”  In his book, Mr. Lander profiles 20 of the most successful restaurateurs in the world to provide us a glimpse into the people shaping the restaurant world today.   Listen now as he shares stories and insights from the book.

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Your restaurant is success and you have opened a couple of additional units.  Now you think you want to franchise your concept and become America’s next great brand.  What should you do?  Listen now as John Gordon, franchise attorney with Monroe, Moxness, Berg, takes us through the pros and cons of franchising from the franchisors perspective and the steps you need to take to get started.


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