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Online ordering is going from a competitive advantage to an expected service for many restaurants.  In this Cutting Edge interview, Jordan Von Cluck of Lou Malnati’s restaurants tells us how they set-up their integrated online ordering system and offers tips for other operators looking at this option.

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Food service is above all, a "service" business.  So, how do you identlify, recruit, and retain quality, service-oriented employees? That is the topic host Tom Andrews explores with guest Patrick Yearout of Ivar's Restaurants in the Foodservice Radio podcast.

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According to a recent Gallup survey, one in three employees are not engaged. Instead of coming in to work for what they can give, they just come in to work for what they can get. This disengagement impacts the profit & loss in tangible ways.

In an exclusive Foodservice Radio, we talk with Diane Herbel, Director of Field Training and Development for Perkins and Marie Callender's. She shares with us the three key elements of keeping employees coming to work with a bounce in their step and a smile in their heart.

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Carolyn Richmond of Fox Rochschild, LLP speaks about the employment law areas where operators are most vulnerable and makes a number of suggestions to decrease these risks such as:

- Knowing the definition of exempt employees and who qualifies

- Keeping the originals of your time clock and tip pool records (for up to 6 years)

- Providing the tip credit policy in writing if you are taking tip credit

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Upcoming changes in both estate and capital gains taxes make 2012 tax planning critical.  In a Business of Foodservice interview, Brad Saltz, Director of Restaurant Services at SS&G in Cincinnati, walks us through upcoming tax law changes and tells us of the “once-in-a-generation” opportunity that exists for the rest of 2012.

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Understanding the process of how customers make their dining decisions can help you focus your marketing and communication efforts in ways that will grow your business.

In this Foodservice Radio podcast we talk with Carin Oliver, Chief Innovation Officer with Angelsmith.  Carin takes us through a recent study that analyzes the way dining decision-making process and discusses how you can use this information to attract more customers to your operation.

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Child nutrition is one of the top food service trends, which means school food service is under significant pressure to serve healthier, mindful meals, while maintaining student participation.

In this Foodservice Radio podcast, we talk with Brian Finn of Sodexo about their award-winning Future Chefs program that got students involved in the menu development process. The program not only created better menu options, but also increased participation and take rates of the healthier items.


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Most restaurants use social media as a tool engage customers. However, operators are learning that it can also be an effective tool for communicating and managing employees.

Janet Hoffman of Hoffman & Associations takes us through how saavy operators are using social media for recruitment, scheduling, and training in this Foodservice Radio pocast.

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In this Foodservice Radio podcast, Ross "Big Burrito" Resnick, founder of Roaming Hunger, the food truck tracking website, shares his insights on the street food movement and operating a food truck . Host Tom Andrews and Ross discuss:

- The biggest question you need to answer before buying a food truck

- The importance of the kitchen design in a truck

- The link to social media and how many operators miss important opportunities

- Why catering is the critical element of success

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The purpose of Social Media is to put butts into your seats, but that takes strategy and execution of a social media plan.  In this episode, we talk with Melany Mullens of Polished Pig Media about how to develop and execute an effective - and ultimately profitable - social media program for your operation.

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